Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back to Quilting.

l would like to thank you all for your kind words,
 thoughts and prayers on the passing of my sister.
As l look through the messages, l see so many friends, who, 12 months ago,
l did not know,  and now that list of names warms my heart. Thank you all so much.

l would like to share this poem with you all,
 written by a friend, for Judy, and read at her funeral yesterday.
It was so very touching.

Dear Judy,
l know at times your inner strength was tested,
In so many ways.
We may not share our tomorrows,
but we can treasure our yesterdays.

When God holds your heart,
forever your heart he holds.
You were in a cocoon,
now the beautiful butterfly unfolds.

We will search our own inner strength,
as we stay here and mourn.
While from the cocoon to the butterfly,
 your soul has been reborn.

A few weeks back you gave me a big hug,
 then in your passing, l realized,
 today is all we may have,
then knowing how important it is
for everyone to share their love.

There are no telephones to heaven,
but a prayer will do,
and each time l see a butterfly,
l will be thinking of you.

By Helen.

And now back to quilting!!

Back in August l shared this photo with you.

Now l can show you the whole quilt.

Because it's finally been published.

My contributors copy of the magazine came in the mail today.

Australian Country Craft. Vol 22 No 6.
l named it Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.
It will be for sale from the 22nd Dec.
Thanks for visiting and your friendship.


  1. My thoughts are still with you Linda. I loved the poem and the quilt is gorgeous. Congratulations on being published.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for sharing the poem, it's so beautiful.
    I love your quilt!! What a perfect name!I remember you sewing those dresdan petals on a weekend away in one of your earliest blog posts!! Now it's a published quilt!!

  3. Hi Linda, thanks for the peom, it´s beautiful!!!!
    Your quilts is very lovely!!!
    Congratulations for the quilt and published!!!
    ...and Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Spain.

  4. Gorgeous quilt, well done. Thank you tot for sharing the poem, very beautiful. I still think of you and Judy every day.

  5. Lovely poem, Loved ones can go from sight but never from mind. Congratulations on the quilt being published.

  6. Thank you for sharing.....

    I love your quilt

  7. Wow, such an amazing poem and an amazing quilt too. I am so sorry for your loss.

  8. what a beautiful poem...
    the quilt is just beautiful
    you know I love yellow, its such a happy quilt and love the border. Just enough, the quilting is amazing.

  9. Such a nice poem from Helen. I am still sadden by your loss Linda. Lovely quilt and congratulations on being published. I will look out for the magazine - Hugs Nat

  10. The poem is a lovely tribute!
    Oh, be still my heart. Your quilt is beyond words. Looking forward to the pattern. Where will it be available.

  11. So sorry for your loss. What a nice poem and a beautiful quilt. Keep sharing about quilts.

  12. What a lovely quilt project and thank you for sharing that beautiful poem with us. Keep stitching it helps!

  13. I'm so sorry for your loss, big hugs across the world. Thank you for sharing that poem, it's beautiful, just like your quilt. Congrats on being published, what an accomplishment.

  14. The poem is a lovely tribute..
    Congrats on having your quilt's beautiful!

  15. My thoughts and prayers are with you Linda. Can't imagine how awfull it must be to loose a sibling!
    Congrats with the published quilt, it's wonderful.

  16. Wow, what a quilt! Just beautiful:)) Best wishes for 2011!

  17. What a lovely poem. I know it's hard. But your quilt is wonderful. Congratulations on being published!! What fun.


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