Friday, February 25, 2011

Red and White.

l am sure you have all seen the above advertisement for the Red and White Quilt Exhibit that will be on in New York in March. l first saw the flyer at the airport last October when l was waiting to catch a flight to L.A then on to DFW. As soon as l saw it, l knew l had to find a way to see this exhibit. Our excitement became contagious, and there are now 5 of my Sorrento Sewing Girls making the trip. So 3 weeks from today, l will fly out to New York with my daughter. l will meet a Quilty Girlfriend at JFK who is flying in from Norway to join us and we will head off on a 2 week long quilting adventure.
Our first week will be spent traipsing around Pennsylvania, then we will head into NYC for our last week.

And so with our red and white adventures ahead of us, my stashbuster group ( 3 of us are going to the exhibit) have decided to make this the year of the red and white quilt, hence my current sewing fascination. These blocks above have been turned into the quilt below.

l dropped it off to my machine quilter yesterday,
 and she (is one of my Sorrento Sewing girls)
will bring it down to Sorrento next weekend when we  have our next retreat.

Then of course you have seen these blocks,
which we will do a swap of over the next few months.

And yesterday l played with this block below. Its next on the list of quilts our
 stashbuster group will make.Of course, all this sewing in red and white
has made me realise that my red stash is NOT what it should be,
 so guess what my shopping focus will be while in PA ?

Well,  RED and WHITES, of course. l love having a color focus when shopping for fabrics.

 Do you?

If you are going to be in NYC for the exhibit, l would love to hear from you.  l know there are a few of you in blogland going, how great to be able to meet and share our adventures. l will be there from Friday the 25th march till we fly home on Friday the 1st April.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. This is certainly a great Exhibition..
    Pity that I can't visit.
    I hope you'll tell the who stayed at home about it.
    Pictures are welcome if it's possible. :))

    One day I sew also a red/white quilt. :)


  2. I would so love to join you in NYC for all the quilt exhibitions. Sadly, not to be. I hope that powers-that-be allow you to share photos around blogland. I admire your red and white collection. That first finished top has so much movement. It's amazing for such a simple block.

  3. If you'll be in Pennsylvania (locals call it "P" "A", are you going to the AQS Show in Lancaster?

    AQS Quilt Show & Contest
    March 16-19, 2011
    Lancaster Convention Center
    Lancaster, PA

    It will certainly be worth your trip ... while there be sure to hit the local quilt shops.

    Make a trip into Intercourse, PA and see the Peoples Place Quilt Museum ... and the shops there will have a bunch of sales because they are only a few miles from Lancaster. :) You'll find some bargains. Be sure to hit the Old Country Store -- below the museum, and Zook's Fabric Store ... and Sylvia Petersheim Quilts and Crafts. She has fabric as well as hand made/quilted quilts.

    I will be at the Red/White Show on the weekend -- either Friday, Saturday or Sunday -- I live in Central PA. Lancaster is 2 hours from me and NYC is 4. :)

  4. Oh, how I want to go. Please post lots of pictures when you return!

  5. Wish I was going with you! Have a great trip and post lots of pictures for us to drool over. Love the year of red and white idea!

  6. I along with a friend will be visiting NYC for the exhibition . We will flying in from the UK.
    Hope to see you there.Maybe we should wear a badge with out blog name on. Soooooooo excited as I have never visited NYC before.

  7. How fortunate you are to visit PA, NYC, and the quilt exhibits! I will be there as well, but am not sure how the timing will work out.

  8. oh I am on a two color kick right now and of course a few red and white quilts are in my future too!
    love yours and those blocks I may just have to make them too!
    I know how excited you are about this trip!
    what fun your going to have ;)

  9. Here's a list of other quilt related activities happening that same week in NYC, including the Empire Quilters (Manhattan) 2011 Quilt Show held at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Quilter's March 2011 NYC Quilt Map.pdf
    Have a fabulous time.

  10. Unfortunately I can't go but fortunately you will be there with trusty camera in hand (I hope). This red and white thing must be contagious as that's exactly what I have been playing with.

  11. Hi Linda, I'm really looking forward to seeing your photos when you return. I love red and white and red and taupe and have a couple of red quilts I'm working on at the moment.
    Have fun on your trip.

  12. Travel safely and have a ball while you are away!
    I look forward to hearing all about those gorgeous quilts when you get back home.

  13. You know I'd love to be there. I'll wave when you fly over!
    I love the idea of making red and white quilts to commemorate the trip.

  14. Love the little boxes!!!! I've always loved red, so I may have to think about red and white. Have fun shopping.

  15. I love the idea of making this the year of the red and white quilts. It's been on my list for a long time. Time to get started. Enjoy your fantastic trip.

  16. My husband and I will be in New York from the 25th until the 30th, I booked soon after seeing the ad for this show. I am excited and can hardly wait. Some may think traveling over 3000 miles to see this exhibit is lunacy, but that's okay.Have fun.

  17. I'm travelling across the country and yes, my non quilty friends think it's crazy. Hey, people travel for sporting events, why not quilting ones. Plus it's NYC! I'm getting excited, I made a pillow case for my travel partner out of NYC fabric I got locally, it's too cute! See you there,

  18. I am so excited for you and your friends. I hope you have a wonderful time and I'm looking forward to your follow-up post about all of the red and white beauties that you see!

    It's always a red and white quilt year at my house :)

  19. I wish I'd known about this exhibit. I would have loved to go! Too late now...

  20. I really think this show is going to live up to all the hype. Thanks for giving us a taste of red and white while we wait. Your pictures are delightful!

  21. The exhibition will be amazing! I bought a few lotto tickets with it in mind to no avail. Oh well, hopefully you'll be able to take photos to share. It'll be so much fun with your sewing friends. Your scrappy squares quilt is dazzling!!

  22. I really like your Red and White quilt! I just may have to make one in this pattern! So glad Taryn organized the on-line Red & White Quitl Show for those of us who can't get to New York! Once Taryn came up with the idea, I went nuts diggingout photos of red and white quilts for my blog.

  23. Beautiful quilt! You are lucky to be able to see the show!


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