Saturday, October 22, 2011

Harpers quilt!

l don't know about you, but l love babies!!  l'm not a granny yet, and sure
 hope to be one day, but in the mean time,
 l enjoy playing with any great niece l can get my hands on. 
So what better excuse to make a quilt for my current little one, Harper.

l started with this yummy pile of fabric.

Which quickly became this on the design wall.

l played with them till l was happy and put the rows together.

Then added a final border.

And started to recut.

Ending up with this on the wall.

Once l had it quilted and bound, l took it out in the garden for some shots.

Sometimes it played nicely,

And other times the flowers wanted to be the star!!

l like this one hanging on the bird feeder,
though the sun has washed the color a little.

And it played very nicely with the old gum tree!!

But it started to look lonely!
So we called up Harper to "come see"

And she said, 'This is for me? '

'l love it!!'

'Is it really mine?
 ''Thank you Aunty Linda'

'Can we go home with my new quilt now Mum? '

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  1. A beautiful quilt, a very cute baby and a wonderful post!

  2. Linda, the quilts just lovely but your great niece well she's just beautiful (How did you cut the blocks to get the finished design?)

  3. Harper is adorable.....and so is her new quilt!

  4. gorgeous quilt and baby!
    I'm with Robyn, how did you do that?

  5. Great quilt Linda! Harper is one very lovely and lucky little girl!

  6. A clever pattern for the quilt and a beautiful baby. from Jenny McH

  7. ??? How did you DO that? So clever! Way beyond my ken.
    BTW Harper is a super cutie too!

  8. Oh, so gorgeous, beautiful baby the quilt..
    Now how did you do that, when I saw you cutting it, I couldn't believe what your doing.
    Julia ♥

  9. Harper is gorgeous!!!

    Your quilt is beautiful! A very clever design.

  10. What a beautiful quilt you made!!! I love the way you change the blocks in this lovely pattern. I also love the colours of this quilt. Well done! And little Harper also love this quilt so I can see. What a lovely baby she is. Have a nice weekend! Greetings from Margreet

  11. What a beautiful quilt and a lucky little girl to have it! Happy Stitching, Susie

  12. Beautiful quilt, and gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  13. So cute! I love Twister quilts - thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh my goodness! I am speechless. Great quilt and beautiful baby!!

  15. Harper is a doll and what a great quilt!

  16. Where are the directions for making a quilt this way? It's really cute - and the baby is beautiful!!!

  17. Ooh, I would love to take a nap in the garden on a pretty quilt. Such a lucky (and cute) baby!

  18. Harper is a great name! Those fabrics made up into a beautiful quilt; really yummy.

  19. Absolutely precious!

  20. Love the quilt and Harper looks like she loves it too. Are you able to publish the name of the pattern ???

  21. Darling quilt and babe! That pattern intrigues me. Must try it sometime. Love the photos of the quilt displayed in various places of your garden. Beautiful!

  22. What a beautiful baby, and quilt. What is that technique where you re-cut after the first step of the squares. I would like to make one of those. It seems I see them all the time, but no one to ask.

  23. OHHH it's absolutley gorgeous, Lyn!! i'm in the process of making a baby quilt for a friend and you've convinced me make a little twister quilt. thanks for the inpiration, i can't wait to get started!!

    Have a fabulous time in Houston!!

  24. A gorgeous quilt, and the perfect little model to complement it.

  25. I Love this quilt and am curious about the technique you used... Is there a pattern for this or did you do this on the fly! I love the way it turned out.

  26. Fantastic! Just love this!
    Greetings from Holland,

  27. Love to be a granny too but hope for it some day just like you. Made this pattern for a doll quilt but I really like this idea and baby quilt you made. Thanks for the idea.

    Kind regards,


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