Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My latest stitching.

Just recently, l was asked to talk at a local quilt guild.
It was so nice to gather many of my quilts, lay them out on the bed for a de-wrinkle
and reconnect with them all. It was a walk down memory lane.
Here they are all piled up ready to go in the car.
One day l plan to take good photos of them!

There's an old saying "While the cat's away, the quilter will play"
 so when my hubby took off on a trip, l headed to my
 beach house for some stitching time with friends.
l was able to put the outer border on this quilt that l started recently. Its HUGE!!!
The girls are standing on the couch to hold it high enough to photograph.

l also put the outer border on this red one.
 l did the centre recently, and its great to have it finished.
The centre blocks are from a swap l did with an online group about 5-6 years ago.

l have been collecting signatures on blocks for several years
 now on  our overseas trips. Many memories are in this quilt.
There was a lot of stitching to get this top to this stage. l want to add a row on 2 sides still,
as there is a few more signatures l want to collect.
 Then l will be on the hunt for a nice blue fabric as its border.
l love how this is looking like a woven coverlet.

Sue, this one is for you!
Then finally l was able to make a start on our next swap blocks.

This block is called broken dishes, and l love it!
Because we are all using the same plain background,
we carefully  chose our fabrics, so no 2 blocks will be the same.
Once we have swapped, we will have 36 blocks, all with different fabrics.
Can't wait to see them all together.

Here is the progress on mine.
And now for something totally NOT quilt related.
We welcomed a new member in to the family recently.
A beautiful black baby  (Cria)  Alpaca.
The hunt is on for a name fitting her beauty.
Exiting times ahead.
 My dear friend Randi ( From Norway) arrives  on a plane tonight.
She will be here  for 4 weeks, and we have many quilty related adventures planned for her.
So stay tuned, and we will  share them.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. I love your Broken Dishes block - and of course all the other quilts - what a lovely stack(s) of quilts you have.

  2. Wow! you certainly have been very busy and what a cutie your baby Alpaca is. Have fun entertaining your friend Randi.

  3. What great quilts and when I saw the signature quilt on facebook I thought it was a coverlet! Very cool!!

  4. You make the most beautifull quilts!! This has been a wonderful show and tell! Wishing you lots of fun times with Randi!

  5. Lovely quilts but I adore the baby alpaca!. How about Inca as a name?

  6. Hi Linda,
    Love ALL your quilts. Your 'coverlet' signature block quick is looking amazing. So fun to see Sue's block. Please say 'hi' + hugs to Randi - I would love to be a fly on the wall during the next 4 weeks! I bet there will be a lot of laughing. Any quilt purchases planned?

  7. Your quilts and finishes look great, and what a good feeling to move projects along to completion. Had to chuckle at the pile of quilts to go in the car, then all the things to take for your beach house retreat.. one thing we quilters know how to do is to schlep stuff, and lots of it!

  8. How fun to take a walk down memory lane and chat about what you love! Looks like you've been very busy. Love all that quilty goodness!

  9. I stil can't get over how much you achieve at the beach house! And your new baby is soooo beautiful.

  10. i ADORE your signature quilt that looks like a woven coverlet.
    a real heirloom.
    thanks for sharing.

  11. Great post, loved seeing all the quilty goodness.
    Have fun with Randi, as I'm sure you will.
    I love your broken dishes block / quilt. I have so much CW fabrics, my passion...I'd like to ask your permission if I could please make one similar for myself.
    I don't like to copy without asking first.
    Thank you Julia

  12. Beautiful quilts beautiful fabrics--enjoy your visit with your friend--enjoy your adventures

  13. Beautiful pictures, thank you Linda.
    Will you be in Nantes again this year,

  14. The broken dishes block is very effective, great for reproduction fabrics. Although it does not have beauty to it - Vegemite comes to mind for a name for your alpaca, love looking at your blog, very inspiring. Janelle N


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