Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pink and blue, Red and Blue. What about you!!

Remember these blocks?
Well, l ended up doing this with them. Still might put a border on it and make a table runner with it.

l had plenty more of those little pink pinwheel blocks, so l kept playing over the weekend. Another favorite color combination is blue and pink. l had a nice pile of blues bought last year on my American odyssey, and so thought they would do the trick. These 3 little quilts are the end result.
Of course, as is my usual habit, l cut way too many blue squares, so had to do something with them, because this whole sewing session started as a way to get rid of those leftovers, so no point having new ones to replace the old ones, right???

This is how far l managed to get before my machine decided she had had enough. So l am making a trip to the sewing machine shop sometime in the next day or so, and have a service and small repair job done.

This quilt will be a queen size, l think. I'm kind of winging it at the moment, not sure if this will be the final setting, or even how large it will be. These are the only pinwheels put together, so even the setting may change if inspiration strikes before the machine is repaired. The pinwheel blocks are 6" finished. Its a nice change of pace to work on larger blocks after all the small quilts. All the blues were collected last year, and are playing nicely with a bundle of conversationals that were sitting in the cupboard. l like shopping the cupboard.

What would you do if these blocks were sitting beside your sewing machine???

l have some important STUFF to do before next week, and maybe my machine knew this. No more procrastinating.

l am heading to Sydney on friday morning, early, to visit the Sydney Quilt show, and spend time with special friends. l will be catching up with a well known blogger, and hope to have photos to share next week.

Thanks for visiting and all your wonderful comments. l appreciate each and everyone of them.


  1. oh love the pink and blue little quilts...I happen to be working in blue and white right now:_
    have fun in Sydney take lots of pictures!!!!!
    sorry to hear about the sewing machine.....you can always cut blocks and have them ready for when it returns, sew on some bindings, hand quilt, applique I am sure you have enough stuff to keep you busy!

  2. Your little quils are adorable! Have fun in Sydney and I am very curious as to which famous blogger you are meeting up with!


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