Sunday, June 6, 2010

Playing in the sewing room with these little blocks

While trying to clean up all the odd scraps that are clogging up my work area, you know, those ones left over from other finished projects, not needed, but too good to throw away, l made these little hour glass blocks and plan to set them with this cute pink and brown fabric. l have 10 blocks made so far, and the possibility to make more if needed. Not sure if this will just be a small wall hanging, or maybe a table runner. These blocks finish at 4".

This is the little quilt l made a few years ago that gave me the inspiration.

These are some other small blocks l stitched. They are needed for a long term group project. These blocks are 4 1/2" finished.

l also made these little pinwheel blocks, waiting inspiration.

It feels good to use those scraps. l have 3 cane baskets full of larger scraps that need attention. Whats your favorite way to use your scraps?

l still need 2 more people to come and play Pay It Forward. Who knows, maybe what l make for you might come out of those baskets of scraps!!!!

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  1. I LOVE scrappy quilts! You have some great blocks there... Isn't it fun to make a scrap project and not have to worry about all that matching of colors, seams, patterns,etc? I love to look at Bonnie Hunter's quilts and books. Have a nice Sunday! :)

  2. scrappy quilts are just fun to make, especially from the scrap basket!
    keep going
    maybe I should do 2 pay it forwards :)

  3. Very cute blocks and quilts. I like your fabric choices. I think it is fun to just create like you did and then see how it ends up.

  4. Love all your little blocks and what a great way to use up scraps!

  5. Little scraps are fun to use. Seems like my basket is always full no matter how many I use. I have one basket that is all plaid pieces and have used many, many of them in projects. Still it stays full.

  6. Scraps are fantastic...and gosh cost just as much as full cuts! I hope you'll find your PIF folks...I've already participated in one and just do RAKs now.

  7. I love scrappy quilts and they are just fun to make, especially from the scrap basket!
    Just never seem to use them all up!

    Julia ♥


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