Thursday, October 24, 2013

Houston! We have landed!!

It's been 2 wonderful weeks traveling the east coast of America.
Quilts, Quilts and even more Quilts!
And now it's time for some serious quilt fun!
We arrived into Houston today.
And tomorrow it all starts. First up, a drive to La Grange,
A visit to the Texas Quilt Museum,  then next door to the Quilted Skein quilt shop,  
and an afternoon lecture with Kaffe Fassett.
Then School a House all day Friday, before the REAL fun begins!!!
Are you going to be at Market? Or Festival?
Let me know and we could try for a meeting!!

Will be posting lots of Quilt Market news on Instagram.
You can find me at Quiltsinthebarn.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I cant believe it was only 3 weeks ago that I visited the Texas Quilt museum in La Grange and went next door to the quilt shop! I was served by a lady who commented on my English accent and who used to live in Yorkshire!! Small world. Enjoy Kaffes lecture - wish I was still there and could go to Festival.

  2. enjoy yourself! it will be fun for sure I bet. you will see new products and new fabric and be in quilters heaven! wish I could go to the show following the market but it is not in the budget this year.

  3. It's been fun following your travels on instagram! Have fun!!

  4. This instagram link takes me to your name. It says it's private so it looks like you have to okay us. Or should I go to a different name? I hope you have a lot of fun and take lots of pictures!

  5. You're having way too much fun!! Enjoy! (Did you post this on the tablet??)

  6. Have been thinking about you for the past three weeks as you toured with Jo and Russ. Wish I were in Houston to say "Hello" in person!
    Love, Mary Ann


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