Friday, October 4, 2013

Quilts In The Barn 2013

The sun was shining, and all was ready!
Come one, come all,

And as we welcomed the first visitors, it certainly looked like they did!!

This was about 15 minutes after we opened!
Strictly standing room only.

Here are some of my wonderful helpers from Friday.
Margaret, Kim, Meghan, Leonie, Alison, Mary, Meredithe, Moreen, me,
Di and Jill ( seated)

Here's Leonie ( the Quilted Crows) standing in her booth. Note the bird quilt behind her? 
It's their new block of the month,  The Cousins Walk, starting in january next year. 
Can't wait to start this one!!!

I took this lovely bunch of ladies to view my Great Wall of Quilts!!

Here is Di Hall (Ford) maning the Den Haan & Wagenmaker booth. 
She completely sold out of fabric over the weekend. 
Can't wait to see some of the quilts that will be made with the new fabric.

Plenty of the ladies enjoyed their coffee and cake in the sunshine over the weekend.

And for the bad weather when it came, we were prepared this time.

Mary and Joe Koval were kept busy all weekend. 
Their suitcase were 47 kg lighter when they flew home!!! 

Boy, that's a lot of quilts and chintz they left behind!!

Here is Jill and Dorothy on Saturday who maned the front desk all weekend, 
and did a wonderful job. Saturday was also our AFL grand final, 
and Dorothy had her team colors on.

We have several close connections with Hawthorn Football club, 
and so we gave Paul the day off to attend the game. 
Here he is below, with our part time apprentice Jordan,
 with his hands on the Holy Grail!! Go Hawks!!

Meredithe did an amazing job selling books all weekend. 
We completely sold out of the Chintz books we had.

We even had quite a few men doing the rounds of the quilts.

 And for the second year running, we had a quilt group visit us in a bus!!

Here is Leonie taking a well deserved break, while a couple 
of the girls give her a hand cutting more FQ's.

And there is that bird quilt again. The booth was super busy all weekend.

Some of my wonderful helpers, in their pink shirts.

By late Sunday arfternoon, the fabric was all gone, 
and Di had a chance for a chat on the phone.

I had a dear friend who l worked with 35 years ago, come to see the quilts. 
She brought some of her magnificent fine knitted and crochet work to show us.
 Here she is holding court, and sharing stories from her childhood.

 And of course, the moment we wait for all weekend. the winner of the raffle quilt. 
Here is the lucky winner in the middle, Sue E, 
surrounded by some of my helpers.

And here she is doing her Toyota jump!!!

A tradition we started several years ago, is the award,
 "Mary, Mother of Quilting - For Going above and beyond the call of Duty,"
Was this year awarded to Meredithe.
A very worthy winner, Meredithe dragged herself out of her sick bed to attend every day.

And of course, no QITB weekend is complete without our Sunday evening shared dinner.
The barn is cleared, tables are set up, the boys cook the BBQ, 
and we all get the chat and enjoy each other's company.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped across the weekend, 

and especially those who came out and supported us.

There are many blogs out there sharing photos of quilts.

They can be found here, here, here,  and here .
I am sure there are others as well.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. What a fabulous show for you! I bet it's exhilarating to see so many visitors! Lovely to see you sit down for a shared meal at the end too. It's been wonderful to see the show through the many pictures.:)

  2. You can see that You,with all your helpers, again DID IT
    Great job Linda !!!!!

  3. I have so enjoyed looking at the quilts on numerous blogs and enjoyed seeing all of it from afar!

  4. If you came to Nantes , once I wish I could come and visit The Barn in wonderland !
    You did a really extraordinary job !!

  5. Looks like another very successful event and nice to see faces I recognise from Nantes. Well done.
    Hubby looks super happy too.

  6. Once again, a wonderful QITB display, Linda. Everyone did a fantastic job. Thank you again for inviting Mel and me to see your Great Wall of Quilts. Hugs, Christine

  7. Congratulations on what looks like a fantastic show!

  8. Wish I could have come, perhaps next year. Was quilting here, while my Hawthorn crazy men folk were glued to the set, so good they won!

  9. A fantastic show - came early to "miss the crowds" at 10:05 am and joined the queue. An impressive turnout for a wonderful show. Thanks for a great day out.

  10. I'm speechless. What a show! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Linda for a great show and yes some men were there including my man! I blog about it as well since Monday. Thanks for bringing Mary and Joe, they were both lovely and the Quilted Crows from Tassy, wow! All fantastic Linda. I would have love to see your great wall. If you ever have an open day for it, I will be there like a shot - Hugs Nat

  11. Every QITB has been full of great quilts, and great friends. The quality of the quilts is always so fine. I just love seeing all of them.

  12. Oh, that looks wonderful! What a great show and what a lovely time everyone must have had! Beautiful pictures!

  13. I wish I was there also!!!
    All those beautiful quilts and those sweet lady's it was fixed a greet success
    Greetings Gerda

  14. Congratulations for your fantastic show and thank you for sharing !
    Why don't we have the same in Fraaance !!??

  15. Thank you so much for a wonderful show.

  16. This is always like Christmas for me - thanks for all the great shots. And 'Mary, Mother of Quilting'? LOVE it!

  17. Congratulations Linda on creating such a wonderful event and to all of your helpers. Thanks for linking back to my blog and I'm sorry I didn't manage to catch you to say hello in person - next time!

  18. Wow, lovely show - if only not so far
    Beautiful work, whew - lots of energy goes into that
    Be seeing you in Houston, save time for us
    Minick & Simpson

  19. What a beautiful show. So happy it went so well.

  20. Wonderful post - so nice to see all the workers. It was such a pleasure to visit and thanks to you all for organising it so efficiently! Love Meredithe's award - congratulations to her :)

  21. Congratulations to you and your team Linda, looks fantastic!

  22. from all reports I have read it was a great success......well done.......definitely worth all the effort........

  23. congrats on another fabulous show. I've seen lovely photos on blogs.

  24. Congratulations on another resounding successful quilts in the barn!!!


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