Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inspiration and Lime Marmalade

Remember these blocks that were awaiting inspiration?

Well, it arrived yesterday in the disguise of my stashbuster sewing group. Cups of tea, banana and cinnamon muffins, and plenty of catch up news,and we got down to work. l gave Bev the challenge of helping DO SOMETHING with these blocks. The fabric was flying, the rotary cutter was running hot. Inspiration was flowing.

This pile of fabric

became this cute quilt.

These cute blocks and fabrics became

This sweetie.

And finally these pinwheels

Became this!

There still more blocks waiting their turn. Its a holiday weekend here in Australia. WE get to celebrate the Queens birthday with a day off work. Its also the opening of the snow season and the weekend we finally move my son into his own home. Sounds good to me!!

It's also Lime season here, and Jill took a bag of them home 2 weeks ago. With 3 tree's, we have plenty to spare. This cute jar of Lime Marmalade came back. In my opinion, its a pretty good trade. Can't wait to try it on some crusty bread.Thanks for visiting.


  1. Great post Linda. Your quilt group is much more productive than hours - although we do eat a lot!
    Love those little quilts.

  2. Never would I have put those blocks together with that fabric. That is what is so fun about quilt groups. Great minds working together. Great job.

  3. OOh I don't know which little one I like best - I think the middle one. Although each one appeals to me. What a productive session.
    I think I was chatting to Bev a few days ago in the Small Quilt Talk group.

  4. Your little quilts are fabulous. I love how you used the stripes. What an inspiration. Thanks to Elyte for sharing your blog with us on Smallquilttalk on Yahoo groups. Bonnie

  5. Darling little quilts, each so unique! Marmalade sounds grand, enjoy!!!

  6. What creative use of the blocks. Nice to have the inspiration of someone else to go with yours.

  7. Goodness!~You sure do make it all look so easy! :)
    Such clever layouts and cute little quilts! WELL DONE! Now, that marmalade was an excellent trade! hmmmmm... wish I had some good friends/neighbors like that. Lucky you! Mightly pretty sterling items... Will have to show my husband. He will LOVE them~been collecting since he was a child. ENJOY your Queen's birthday, bet she doesn't have anything as nice as your marmalade and lovely life :)

  8. Oh, I just love your little quilts - Pinwheels is my very favourite block - so lovely!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  9. Wow, what great little quilts...Love the pinwheels, always makes up into a beautiful quilt, big or small !..

  10. I love your little quilts equally because I'm not biased, lol. You guys are so fast.

  11. oh your little quilts are adorable, my favorite??? hmmm hard to chose between the first and second!
    oh lime marmalade never had it, sounds yummy though
    I think that is a wonderful trade!!!!!

    have a great weekend

  12. I love all three. The fabric choices and settings are all so clever. I especially like the stripes.

  13. I love all those quilts! How fantastic to have them all sewn up now instead of floating around the sewing room.
    The lime marmalade looks delicious..

  14. What a great time you must have had putting all the pinwheel quilts together with your group!! They results look wonderful! The Lime Marmalade looks superb. What a good trade. I bet it 's very yummy! Home made is always best! :0)

  15. Those little quilts are just adorable!


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