Monday, August 6, 2012

New blogs to explore and enjoy!!

Who doesn't love a new blog!
Especially when they involve an antique quilt!!

l want to share these 2 blogs with you.

First up. Sharon's Chester Criswell Quilt Blog.
l first came across Sharon when she joined an online group l belong to.

 She shared a photo of her quilt and discussed reproducing it.
l am super excited that is finally happening.

Here is a photo of Sharon's Chester Criswell Quilt, an 1852 Album Quilt.
and if you hop on over to her blog, you can read more and
find info about the quilt.
Sharon has produced the first block, which will be free, then to follow
 are 35 more blocks, with lots of info on each signature.

Chester Criswell Quilt.

And even more EXCITING!! We have collected a group of
 like minded ladies together,
 and we will be enjoying the company of this quilt in the near future.
Can't Wait!!

Next blog l want to share with you is Lisa and Lou's.
l have known Lisa for many years and
 l am excited they have joined the blogging world.

Their latest quilt, The Unknown Quilt is delightful.
 Its centre will be recognised by many.
Its inspired by a framed quilt l saw in the American Folk Art Museum last year.
 The general layout and mix of hexagons and circles is based
 on an Antique English Coverlet in the collection of Janet O'Dell.

The Unknown Quilt.

Framed Quilt hanging in AFAM New York.

l hope you enjoy these 2 new blogs.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, just what I need, more blogs and ideas and patterns and Oh my! Thanks for sharing these blogs. Was at a quilt exhibit and there was one R & W, thought of you right away. I'm going back to sketch out a few patterns.

  2. I am so excited, I've got a mention in Someone Else's Blog! Thanks Linda, I had to see where all the new hits were coming from. It's exciting and a bit awesome that a quilt I've had for so long is interesting for others. Can't wait for the Show and Tell.

  3. Thanks for the links, I looked on the blogs: LOVE them.

  4. Hi Linda, thanks so much for blogging us!!! we are so excited. The world of quilting is such a fun place. We enjoy every minute being inspired by gorgeous quilts new and old. Lisa & Lou

  5. Two lovely blogs! Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Hello, Linda! :-) I much appreciate your work and your blog, so I am offering you a small prize on my blog, at

  7. Hi, Linda. Just happened upon your blog and I love your emphasis on old quilts and designs and reproductions. The quilts you show are marvelous, very pleasing. I enjoyed the visit.
    best from Tunisia,


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