Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our weekend retreat!!

Every weekend should start like this!!
Good friends, good food and good champagne!!

Deb spent most of the weekend working on these blocks,

And by Sunday was able to take home an almost finished quilt top.
Can't wait to see this one quilted.
 "c'est magnifique"

Bev spent a lot of time doing this.

She also stitched together these blocks she's appliqued.
 Its looking stunning!!

There was a grownup version of Mac and Cheese!!

Jenn did a little work on fixing this quilt top.
Another striking quilt to hang in our exhibition.

Mostly Margaret and Jenn were working on secret sewing business,
so can't show what they were doing.
Instead  Margaret brought along her Maltaville Album Quilt for a closer inspection.
Hmmm!! This would look great in red and white!!

l did get this top together,
but not with out some unpicking, as 2 blocks
 decided to play a little trick on me and swapped places!!

There were a couple other what went wrongs!!
Like Margaret thinking you can make toffee with sugar, water and cream!!
New batch in progress in back saucepan.

 And lets not mention the morning hair styles!!

 Or the inadvertent stitching of another part of the quilt.

Can you see what's wrong here?????
We sure gave those 2 quick unpicks a workout over the weekend!!

Bev brought plenty of show and tell for us.
That Myer bag is stuffed full.

And there was more over on the couch.

Margaret made cherry clafoutis for desert, after carefully reading the recipe.

l showed some antique quilt blocks l had recently bought.

And remember l mentioned wanting to play with color???

Did l go too far??

This PHD has been sitting around untouched for too long, so out it came.
It's close to finished. Just needs an afternoon sewing.

And of course the compulsory chocolate.
Accompanied here by red wine and cook books.

Thanks girls for a wonderful weekend!!
So many laughs, so many great memories made.
Y'all come back, ya here!!

Thanks for visiting,


  1. This is all about how I imagine the perfect retreat to be. There is so much to comment on and speak to individually but its such an incredible post and so well done I'll leave you with a simple note of gratitude for pulling this all together and sharing. Fantastic post! *karendianne. who thinks the cross and hourglass quilt is pure inspiration, loves all the food, is speechless over the Maltaville Album Quilt and those "T" blocks grabbed my heart. *winking*

  2. Your retreats always look so tempting! Every project looks fabulous, besides the food and wines... Ughhhhhhh

  3. The applique blocks look wonderful! Good fabric choices and well stitched.

  4. Wow! All the projects look so great! I love your r&w top.....and those appliqued tops are fabulous! So glad you all take time to enjoy some good yummies and wine! What a perfect retreat!

  5. Too much to break down in this post, I LOVE it all. What a great weekend, this is the best of quilting and friends. And no, you didn't go overboard on the color, it's fab! Oh how I want to make those red tulips!!!!

  6. this is great!!..a weekend with friends and quilts!!
    what a beautiful pictures you show us..ohhh all these quilts and projects...beautiful!!!
    have a nice day..;0)

  7. all of the quilts are looking wonderful...you guys rock!

  8. WOW you girls were sssoo productive!! All the R&W quilts are looking amazing and i love the bright new colourful one you've started!! Glad you made time to kick back and relax with a wine [or two] and chocolate as well!! cheers...Marian

  9. You had me at Champagne, lol
    Wonderful projects and the applique is fabulous.
    the food looks wonderful, what a fun time!

  10. Waw! And all of that in just 1 weekend? How long does a weekend last in Australia?
    I can't decide what quilt I like best, but I sure am fond of those tulips!

  11. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all!! The show and tell is wonderful.

  12. Every picture is a feast for the eye!!! Love, love, love the red flower block. But can say that for the rest of the quilts as well. Enjoy your blog very much!
    sue in Wisconsin

  13. That looks like such an amazing weekend! What a talented group of quilters!!
    I really love your antique blocks.

  14. It all looks like so much fun. Great to have such wonderful friends and good times together. Love your new venture back into color!


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