Thursday, August 22, 2013

Melbourne Quilt Show

Its been an incredibly busy few months since my return from France.
So much has happened, and so many quilts  to share.
 But where to begin???
Probably at the most exciting thing that's happened in recent weeks.
Vic Quilters had their annual exhibition in July here in my home town.
l had decided earlier in the year to join, so was eligible to enter a quilt for judging.
This was a first for me.
After speaking to Karen, who does my machine quilting,
she suggested that l enter my Sawtooth Diamond Quilt, which l duly did.
The quilt was entered in  the Two Person Professional category,
l being the maker, Karen being the machine quilter,
as both Karen and l have earnt money from quilting.
On the Monday before the exhibition opened,
 l received a call, inviting me to attend the awards ceremony.
With many butterflies, l stood with several friends, waiting for our category to be called.
l had convinced myself that MAYBE the quilt would get a judges commendation.
So imagine my complete SURPRISE and delight to win the First Place Blue ribbon
for the category!!!
It was a truly special moment, which l was delighted to share with Karen.
She is now hanging proudly in my Living room to be admired every time l walk past.

Karen also  blogged about it here,
and  has great photos and a story about it here.

Over  the next few posts, l will try and catch up, because of course,
our next QITB is only 5 weeks away, and there is going to be
 so many great quilts to share with you.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Congratulations to both you and Karen, I'm glad I was able to view it in person at the exhibition.

  2. Congratulations Linda. I didn't get to the show this year so I missed out seeing it in person.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Congratulations - it is a beautiful quilt and was a pleasure to work on. Thank you so much for sharing the moment - it was a thrill to win a ribbon with you.

  4. How exciting for you! It really is a very lovely quilt!

  5. Again : congratulations to both of you! It feels good, doesn't it?

  6. congratulations! two color quilts are often so well done and pleasing to the eye!

  7. Whoo Hoo congrat's. What a nice honor.

  8. Congratulations many times over!!! It's a beautiful quilt.

  9. Congratulations Linda , it's a fabulous quilt.

  10. A very deserved win for such a beautiful quilt!!

  11. A gorgeous red and white quilt to hang on the wall---looks good with the addition of the BLUE!!!

  12. WOW Linda, what a thrill!!! Your quilt is stunning, and Karen's quilting is gorgeous!!! Congrats to a fabulous joint effort!!!

  13. Such a stunning quilt....congratulations to you both!

  14. Congratulations, Linda! A well deserved win - it is beautiful. :)

  15. What a stunning quilt, and great collaboration between the quiltmaker (you) and the quilter! Congratulations!!

  16. when you said, "she is now hanging in my living-room" at first my mind went... YOU HUNG your MACHINE quilter!??? And she had done such a nice job too!


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