Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The last of France!!

Warning!! Photo heavy!!
Make a cuppa or pour a glass of wine, and sit back and enjoy
as you come on our trip around France!
( and one day in Germany)

Don't forget to click on the pictures for a closer look. 

We visited medieval villages,

where cars seemed out of place.

Saw Interesting signs.

And cute cuckoo clocks. 

Fascinating writing on  ancient walls.

and an interesting array of sausages.

Saw signs older than we could imagine.

Climbed many, many stairs.

Admired breads in shop windows.

Marvelled at the architecture.

Enjoyed the last of the Easter decorations.

And saw multitudes of different salami's for sale.

Wandered along riverside lane ways.

Visited famous sights in Paris.

Enjoyed more wonderfully amazing architecture.
And wonderful city vista's.
Visited with some Alpaca's.

Stayed the night in this wonderful chateau.
Where l found these old wheels lined up against the barn.

Which l thought was perfect for a photo shoot of a recent antique quilt purchase.

Saw a new use for those used coffee pods that are taking the world by storm.

Gazed longingly at wide mountain vista's.

Saw sheep in paddocks in small mountain villages.

And bought some of this cheese from one of the local makers.
 Visited a village famous for its red peppers.
And bought a tin of their smoked paprika, made from the plants grown locally.

Meet some  friendly goats.

 If they don't have it, it doesn't exist!

Saw cows wearing bells.
And yes, they are noisy!

Drove through wonderful mountain scenery.

Saw beautiful memorial crosses beside the road.

Walked beside stunning rivers.

Was inspired by these beautiful stone walls.

Drove along  amazing mountainous country roads.

 Found snow at the top.

And these bikes that my DH had to climb!

Drove past Manor homes undergoing repairs. 

And wondered what this large factory beside the river must have once been used for.

Stopped at a small village market, where l could have bought my own cow bell.

Or a religious statue among other things.

Had MANY wonderful meals,
and even tried snails, (didn't like them!!! )

 and the best French Onion Soup!!

Saw interesting shaped salami's for sale.

And people shopping for souvenirs.

Visited the famous Rosary Basilica in Lourdes.

Enjoyed more countryside vista's.

Found interesting door knockers.

Visited open air markets.

Where we saw huge slabs of  nougat in many flavours.

Tempting pies.

Baskets of beautiful strawberry's.
All kinds of olives.
Breads bought by weight.
Cakes of all kinds.
And so many variety's of cheese my head was spinning.

Se we bought several pieces, along with olives, bread and the best tasting strawberry's,
 and had a picnic by a river.
Admired this doorway with its wisteria arbour.

Wondered by these clogs were nailed here.

Ate a beautiful lunch on a patio,

While admiring this view!
Saw fields of bright red poppies.

And wanted to move into this farmhouse.

Passed MANY fields of grape vines,

And found bargain wines in the local supermarket.
 Visited many medieval castles.

And gazed at views enjoyed by people over the centuries.

 Said hello to a friendly donkey.
Passed this lonely stone structure on a country road.

 Admired this stunning stone wall.

Stayed in this wonderful Bed and Breakfast in Provence.

Where l was able to visit the chapel,

to explore Caroline's antique quilts, which are for sale.

And were treated like royalty by the fabulous hosts, Caroline and Hubert.
Walked along narrow streets.

Loved this window and its ivy.

Passed fields of lavender, not yet in bloom.

Visited even more wonderful castles.

Saw these interesting Brioche in a market,

And the biggest Tuiles l have ever seen.
Enough  Saucisson to please everyone.

Crates of white asparagus.

Divine roast chickens and potato's cooked in their drippings.
Boxes of fresh radishes.

And was tempted to ride this merry-go-round.
Marvelled at the roof on the Hospice de Beaune building.

Saw field after field of yellow canola.

Paid a visit to this wonderful Chateau de Chantilly.

Saw stunning Chantilly lace.

And restoration work being painstakingly undertaken.

And stood in awe in the magnificent library.

Before catching our plane back home.

 If you have made it this far, you are to be congratulated,
 and hope you enjoyed your mini trip through France.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about places we visited.
Thanks for visiting.








  1. lovely trip you had - thanks for sharing it was enjoyable looking at the photos.

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. Sounds like a wonderful trip!

  3. It will be a long time before I get to France, so thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  4. Oh Linda. You make me want to pack my bags and head off! One problem - you need lots of money! LOL! That's for the tour. I did go to France about 25 years ago but I think I would appreciate it so much more now. One day when I win tattslotto!

  5. That was just fabulous. Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey. I am SO jealous.:)

  6. Just what I needed before breakfast, a whirlwind tour of France and how fantastic for you to share the journey with your best mate.
    A very magical tour.

  7. How beautiful France is!!!!!! I enjoy it every day, because I LIVE there......

  8. Between food, pattern and color it is hard to know what to comment on. So, cheers to YOU for putting together all these photos with a story line. Looks like an amazing trip. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Mimi,
      Many thanks for your kind words. l am so glad you enjoyed the post. l enjoyed selecting the photos, and writing the story. It played in my head for a few days, and was fun to write. Of course, even more fun was the trip itself!! LOL

  9. Adorei compartilhar toda a sua viagem !!!! Parabéns !!!!
    Amo a Europa, de modo especial a França e a Suíça...
    Obrigado pela oportunidade de ver todas essas belas imagens !!!
    Cecilia ( Brasil )

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed this photo tour and some images brought back happy memories. Did Caroline's quilts tempt you? Take care.

  11. What a wonderful trip! I love France (especially Alsace!) and enjoyed your photos and stories, thank you for sharing!


  12. Thoroughly enjoyed your photo tour of France, brings back memories. Did you take a tour or drive around on your own?
    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      We had a car and drove our selves. No real plans, other than having the B&B booked in Aix en Provence, just decided each morning which way we would go. Loved the freedom!!

  13. Gosh it looks wonderful! How long were you there and how did you know where to go? I've always wanted to visit France. Lucky you!

    1. Hi Donna,
      We had 4 weeks total. 1 week in Nantes, for Pour Lámour Du Fill, then 3 weeks driving around. Other than the 3 days we had booked in Aix en Provence, we did not book any accommodation, and would decide each morning where we would head. Of course, always knowing we had to be in Aix by a certain date. Loved the freedom to go where we wanted and discover as we went.

  14. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  15. What a fabulous trip! Thank you for posting the pictures. I truly enjoyed them.

  16. Linda
    Wonderful, wonderful photos
    Next time, I am tagging along behind you!
    See you in Houston
    Polly Minick

    1. Your welcome to join us Polly! The more the merrier!!

  17. ....and now you know why I live in France! Such a beautiful country. I don't need to ask you if you enjoyed it, I know you did! Linda

  18. beautiful images...I so love Europe

  19. These are the most wonderful photos of your incredible holiday. I really enjoyed seeing this post. What a wonderful trip to such a beautiful part of the world. Ann

  20. Fabulous photos...thanks for taking me along!

  21. This is such a wonderful post. Seeing these photos is the next best thing to being in France.

  22. What a beautiful teip you've made in France. Thank you for sharing te pictures.
    Greetings from Holland

  23. Your pics are fantastic! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who takes pics of sheep in the meadows, doorknockers, tile roofs and food in shop windows! :o) The poppies in the field beside that house make it magical!...I'd want to live there, too! Thanks for sharing these pics.....what an amazing trip! I've never been to Europe, but your pics of the quilt show have me marking my calendar for two years from now.....I can't miss the next one! :o)

  24. Amazing photos - just loved them, especially the canola fields which put my mustard fields here to shame. Really gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. Wonderful photos for a big tour de France!
    Katell, Toulouse, France

  26. Love your post. Just back from almost annual vacation in France. I never bore going there. In Dutch there's this saying : living like God in FrLance. I know why!
    Love your quilt and styling

  27. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos of a wonderful trip. I'd love to check it out in person.

  28. How wonderful - it was the next best thing to being there. Thanks!

  29. I really enjoyed the photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  30. Hi Linda thank you for sharing your wonderful holiday in France, we are planning to go next year for my hubby's 60th after visiting Turkey and Greece, could you please give me the details of the B&B that you stayed in Aix. Will catch up with you in Sept, at last going to visit Quilts in the Barn. Just a reminder from me, we met in 2010 in Houston then again at last years Sydney quilt show, was talking about our upcoming tour in the states, following you and Di's trail, we have done that, had the time of our lives now onto the next tour. Looking forward to saying hello Heather


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