Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Here is this years flyer for Quilts In The Barn.
 Jenn did a wonderful job. Many thanks!!
Please feel free to put this on your blog if you are in Australia.
And of course, if you live overseas and want to come visit, please do.
We promise to look after you very well!! LOL
l for one can't wait to see all the beautiful quilts hanging together in the barn.

Here is this years raffle quilt, which was anonymously donated.
 Beautifully pieced, using Dutch chintz fabrics purchased
from Den Haan & Wagenmakers,  
and stunningly quilted by Karen Terrens.
This years exhibit promises to be our best ever yet!!!
hope to see you there!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. One of these days I will make it to your exhibition. I shall put some dollars in the post for a raffle ticket and hope I win that trademark quilt.
    Look forward to seeing all those beautiful Chintz quilts.

  2. Oh my, That raffle quilt is gorgeous!!! Chintz is such a great theme!!

  3. I'm a happy girl that is living in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam :)

  4. It is a little bit too far to come,but i hope that You have a great time.

  5. The raffle quilt is stunning, what a generous benefactor you have. P.S huge congrats from me for you know what!!

  6. WOW chintz.. what a gorgeous theme, Linda!! It's going to be another fabulous QITB exhibition!! Love the raffle quilt too, it's stunning!! See you there :))) cheers... Marian

  7. Already have your brochure stuck to the fridge, so I will not forget the dates. Looking forward to the exhibition, a great afternoon out....viewing quilts, a little shopping, and a lovely afternoon tea....just what a girl needs after working in a office all week with an all male staff!

  8. I can tell it is going to be amazing!!

  9. one day I would love to go to Australia so many things to see and do that are different from here in the states - it would take me several months - let me change that to a year to see a lot of what I would like to see!!

  10. I'll be there!! Can't wait! :)

    The quilt is stunning! What an amazing benefactor!

  11. Wow, it's coming right up. The raffle quilt is a beauty! Can't come (live in Texas) but looking forward to the pictures! I'm sure it will be wonderful!

  12. Beautiful! I can't wait to come over to get on the plane!

  13. what a beautifull quilt
    I am a little jalours on Petra Prins........;-))
    groet Ineke Marijnissen-van der Molen Holland

  14. Look forward to seeing the pictures! The quilt is just gorgeous;))

  15. Is a catalog offered for the show?

  16. Oh, how wonderful! It will be beautiful! I think every year is the best year for your show....always so wonderful to see the pictures. If I ever get to your country, the trip must be planned around your show for sure!!


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