Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quilts In The Barn Eve!!

The books are here!!!
All 6 boxes of them, weighing a mere 15kg per box.

For those who have pre ordered them, this is just a friendly reminder
 that l can only accept cash payment for them.

These are  my helpers having a pre hanging meeting.

Here is Anna filling the bookshelves.
We also have Petra and An's book,
Promenade in A Dutch Garden,
and An Moonen's book,
The History of Dutch Quilts.

All systems go!!!
See Mary and Joe Koval in the background hanging their antique quilts.

The first few go up!!

Some last minute binding being done on one of my quilts.
Thanks to Jill and Kim for their help, or this quilt would not be bound!!

And just when we had the garden looking spick and span,
we had a wild and wooly storm come through today.
And to my great disappointment,
my favourite tree in the garden came crashing down!!
So it was all hands on deck to get this cleaned up.

Huge thanks to Meredithe, Jill, Kim, Anna and Chris for all your wonderful
and invaluable help in setting up for this years exhibit.
And of course, to Mary and Joe Koval for making the trip here again this year.

So fingers crossed,
we are all set for the Grand Opening tomorrow!
The Quilted Crows are here and set up,
the quilts are all hung, and the cuppa's are ready to go!!
Don't forget to say hello if you are coming by!!

Thanks for visiting,


  1. Wishing you all the very best for a wonderful Quilts in the Barn show.

  2. So amazing to see the transformation from a barn to a beautiful quilt show! Such pressure, especially with the tree falling down! Take it easy and enjoy!!

  3. Bad news about the weather but I am very glad that it's come and gone - all sunshine tomorrow we hope!

  4. Hope all of You will have an great day tomorrow.
    Looking forward to the pictures You gonna share with us...if You have the time to take some :-))

  5. I wish I could be there too.... Have a great time ! I will wait for the pictures on your blog. Hugs, Margreet

  6. What a great Quilt show. Can't wait to see the pictures.

  7. what a lovely building for a quilt show! I wish you very good luck with it and with the book sales.I would hate to loose my favorite tree in the yard, it is so big that our place wouldn't look the same without it.

  8. Mel and I will see you in the morning! Looking forward to seeing the show.

  9. How exciting that this event has really taken off!!

  10. How exciting Linda. Wish Sue + I could be there to visit Quilt in the Barn, especially for the chintz theme this year. I know it will be a spectacular exhibition. Hi to Mary + Joe as well. Warmest wishes from the UK. Much love, Sue M. XXX

  11. How exciting! Good the books arrived just in time. Sorry bout your tree though.

  12. PS. Forgot : you know the rest of the world wants a lot of pics, don't you.

  13. I am excited for you and hope the show is spectacular. Waiting for the pictures since i can not be there

  14. I bet the energy is sky high around there! Hope you have a great turnout. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of all the beautiful work!

  15. Waw ,wish i could be there. Success with your exhibition and i hope you raise a lot of money for a very good cause.
    Hugs and many kind regards, also for Mary!

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  17. I hope you have a great show, I wish I could be there....

  18. wished I was closer so I could come along.............hope the days goes off well...........and the weather is calm............

  19. You have talked us into it! See you on Saturday.

  20. I hope that you have a great day and that the weather is kind.

  21. Have a great show, it looks promising!

  22. Thank you so much for the most wonderful morning. This years exhibition is as beautiful as all before.

  23. Can't wait to see photos of the exhibition. It sure looks like it's going to be a great one! Living in France, I have already received the book Chintz Quilts and OMG this is such a beautiful book. I absolutely love the close up photos. Have a great show.

  24. Have a great show!!
    I sooo wish I could be there -
    looking forward to the photos - have fun

  25. Succes!!!...and lots of funn


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