Sunday, October 10, 2010

l think l've died and gone to Heaven!!!!

Some of the Secret Sewing Sisters delivered about 60 of their quilts yesterday  
and then another 40  this morning.
We had a quick look. And l am sure l've died and gone to heaven!! Quilting Heaven that is!! Is there anything more delightful than beautiful quilts spread on the floor, one on top of the other. The choice and range of quilts is something to behold.

l had some none quilting friends for dinner last night,  and told them l had decided to
give up  quilting after seeing all the  beautiful quilts today. .
Why? they asked, with blank looks on their faces.  And so l laid a few quilts out for them on the floor.
They just DON"T UNDERSTAND!!!!

If it's at all possible to catch a plane,  a train, a bus, or a  boat, ride your bike or hope in the car, and come next weekend, l can promise you, you won't be disappointed.

And if their's no one here and no quilts next weekend, it because
 l've loaded them all in the car and run away!!!

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  1. Can't wait to see them all in person. What a treat that will be. Have fun hanging them and see you next week - Hugs Nat

  2. LOL! Linda, don't give up quilting! Your quilts look to your non-quilting friends like these quilts look to you!! :-D I always comfort myself by saying I'm not the worst quilter in the room and neither am I the best -- so all pressure is off! LOL
    I "blew up" the pictures -- and my they are stunning! Take lots of pictures of them hanging!
    Mary Lou

  3. see you next week, they are gorgeous!!!

  4. These look amazing. See you next weekend.

  5. WOW, just that little sneak peek makes me REALLY wish I could be there to see in person. WAAHH!! LOL Please post lots of pix afterwards for those of us 'less fortunate'!! And I DO understand about giving up quilting--I say that every year after attending the Houston event.

  6. Oh wow! They are wonderful! Hope you have a really good time next weekend. Wish I could see it. But.... I am really excited. I think I"m going to make it to AU next spring (your fall)! I'm so excited!

  7. Lucky you Linda, i know exactly what you mean.
    I know your quilt show will be wonderful

  8. Such beautiful quilts, hope you have a great few days and the weather is kind. Can't wait

  9. Wooh!!!
    That looks GREAT!!
    Maybe, I should take, the bike, car, bus train,boat and plane,... it will be a long journey from The Netherlands,...
    Dreaming about is, is a better option,...

  10. Sounds like it is going to be fantastic- Please, please please , post lots of photos. Although I would love to come sadly it is far to far to come from the UK.

  11. Oh My Golly, Look at those quilts, they're amazing!!! 60... then another 40!!! Wow!

  12. hmm wonder if my DD wouldn't mind taking a semester off so I could come down????
    Its going to be an amazing show, that group of ladies are amazing quilters!
    would love to be there seeing them all in person.
    we just need to sew faster to catch up to them! Good luck with the show and HAVE FUN!!!!!!! I will be thinking of you .

  13. The show will be amazing with the amazing work the ladies do. If you run away, I have a nice guestroom. The cost is simple, half the quilts!
    Remember to post lots of great pics for those of us who cannot come!

  14. Oh, I would love to see these in person! How fabulous they are. Looking forward to hearing about and seeing more of them.

  15. It does look a bit like heaven! What amazing quilts!!~!

  16. I'll be there! Just made the decision, pressed "go" to book the flights, and now I can't wait. Cheers, Kate

  17. Mmmmm can't wait until Saturday it's like Christmas Day for quilters

  18. Very, very interesting blog! I will visit again:))

  19. Beautiful quilts they are but you have your own talents that you bring to quilting- I suspect that you are like the rest of us who quilt and have the bug for it- You could no more quit quilting than you could breathing. It is a wonderful thing you do hosting this gorgeous show- I only wish I lived closer- I will admire and drool from a far in Canada.
    Warmest regards,


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