Friday, October 22, 2010

Quilts In The Barn Exhibition #2

Here is the second instalment of Quilts.
We have already had some response to our fundraising appeal. You can see donors and our current donation total over on the right. And we now have our button. Please take it, share it around. Many hands make light work. l would like to thank Jennifer over at 5foot1quilts who was amazing, and offered to make the button for us. l  just love it!!

Unfortunately this quilt did not have its label photographed.
I do know its called Lila and was designed by Kathryn George.

2007 Winter Stars.
Machine Pieced by Julie Cashin.
 Machine quilted by Lyn Hughes.
Primarily Patchwork Pattern.
82"x 82"
Old English Medallion.
Class at Primarily Patchwork.
Machine pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted by Sue Delves.
79"x 79"

1850's 9 patch.
Class at primarily Patchwork.
Hand pieced, appliqued and quilted by Sue Delves.
59"x 80"

Rose basket Medallion.
Made by Clare Cross.
 Quilted by Cheryl Prater.
Designed by Di Ford.
86"x 86"

Stars and Swags.
Made by Clare Cross. Quilted by Clare Cross.
Designed by Di Ford.
50"x 77"

Blue Redwork.
Made by Clare  Cross.
Quilted by Katrina Wilson.
Designed by Di Ford.
70"x 70"

Topsy, the Quilt That Grew.
Made by Barbara Worcester.
Original design with the assistance of Meredith Clarke at Somerset.
78"x 78

"Bethlehem Star.
Made by Barbara Worcester.
Machine pieced, foundation pieced.
 Machine quilted by Lyn Hughes.
82""x 67"
Liberty 9 Patch.
Made by Barbara Worcester.
74"x 84"

If you are enjoying the exhibition, make a donation to any Breast Cancer Research Foundation in your local city, anywhere in the world. Then let us know via a comment, and we will add it to our grand total. Please take the button, so you can spread the word, link back to us and help in our fundraising effort. And  feel free to blog about this,  let me know, and l will make a list of all who helped share the word. Our thanks to you all in advance.

Our thanks to Janet at Quiltsalott and Lori at Humble Quilts.



  1. Thank you so much for another installment in this on-line quilt show. The quilts are wonderful.

  2. This is fun waking up to a new quilt show everyday! Thanks
    I put the button on my blog, very happy to donate for a great cause and to help support you for all the work you do. I admire your dedication and hard work you put into this quilt show each year.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Thanks so much for posting these photos. Although I was there (2 times!) I think I was in visual overload, some I think I didn't register at all.

    Love the little button, and I've now got it on my blog, spread the word, and all that.
    best regards, Kate

  4. Grabbed the button! Very cool! What a wonderful quilt show every morning with my coffee!! Thank you for all the inspiration.

  5. Another lovely set of quilts from the show!!
    I've grabbed your button! Too cute!!

  6. Hi, thanks so much for the photos. All the quilts are very lovely!!!

  7. I am really enjoying seeing the quilts that you are posting. They are certainly not the type of thing you see everyday! Can't wait to see more!

  8. Great show of quilts with name of the makers. I added the button on my blog - Hugs Nat


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