Tuesday, October 19, 2010

QUILTS IN THE BARN 2010 Sneak Preview

Some of the Secret Sewing Sisters in front of The Sisterhood Quilt, made as a gift for Di.

Let the exhibition begin!!

They came in droves.

Some familiar faces

Were spotted in the crowd,

And some took a chance for a photo shot with Di!!

Plenty of people we didn't know came,

and enjoyed a cuppa among the quilts.

Julie did a hand piecing demo over the weekend,

Some yummy cup cakes for sale!

And of course you were greeted with a smiling face as you entered.

This was the order of the day on Friday!

And we awoke to this on Saturday morning!!!

Katrina Wilson won THE raffle!!

Here she is taking her prized quilt and running!!
( is that someone in the background plotting to steal that quilt?? )

Then a few quiet drinks,

and a chance to look back and reflect on the weekend,

and have one last final chat over a shared meal,

with a glass of champagne to toast a successful weekend.

What a wonderful and amazing weekend we all shared. Around 700 people braved the weather, and a grand total of $10, 263.00 was raised for Breast Cancer research.

My thanks and gratitude goes to all the Sisters, my many helpers who came from all over Australia, the quilt shops who displayed our flyers and sold raffle tickets, the girls who blogged about us, and especially the crowds who visited, despite the weather, that threatened to wash us out. You all made this exhibition the success that it was, and l thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

We are a resilient bunch, us quilters,
 and rain, hail or snow,
you can't keep us from a quilt show!!!

If you were not able to make it to the show, there is a way you can still be part of our weekend. Over the next few days , l will be loading photos of all the quilts that we hung and folded for the exhibition. 
There are approximately 90 quilts to show you. 

 What we ask is, if you enjoy the exhibition, make a donation to any breast cancer research foundation in your local city, anywhere in the world. Then let us know via a comment, and we will add it to our grand total. We are going to have a button made, so you can spread the word, link back to us and help in our fundraising effort. Please feel free to blog about this, and let me know, and l will make a list of all who helped share the word. Our thanks to you all in advance. 


P.S. For those of you who wanted to win the raffle quilt but didn't,  Di has written the pattern. Its available for purchase, at $20 AUS.

Edit!!! There have been some lovely emails, cards and messages sent to me,
and l would like to share a few with you all.

This one came saturday afternoon from Katrina, who won the raffle quilt.

16th Oct 2010
Hello Linda,
I just wanted to drop you a quick email to congratulate you on such a wonderful show at your barn. I didn't get a chance to say good-bye to you or to mention when I saw you that I was thoroughly impressed with the quilt show. The organisation and supportive group of friends and family that you have is evident and you are all to be congratulated for organising a thoroughly insipiring show. The quilts were beautiful, your barn is gorgeous and I came away thoroughly inspired to do some sewing for myself. I wish you a sucessful show and hope you were able to raise lots of funds over the weekend. It is so generous of you to open your home to everybody and for the amount of work that you have put into this weekend.

I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow when you call to let me know that I purchased the winning raffle ticket .
Congratulations again on a fantastic show.

Katrina Wilson.

From Liz over at Broderie

hello linda,

i have been feeling so silly after saying to you 'what's your name' when we first spoke this afternoon. of course i knew you from coming in to the shops so often, but did not put two and two together!!! so sorry

it was a great exhibition and so well set up, a credit to you and all those who help, marlene, sharon and i enjoyed so much the friendly atmosphere and seeing and meeting so many of the girls i have known over the years.

also thanks for the special invitation to see your antique quilts, very inspiring and kind of you to show us.

happy day tomorrow, and good wishes, liz wright.

From Nat at Justnotnat

I just came back from there and it was fantastic. All the quilts are to die for! It was so good to be 'that' closed to them and meeting with the makers, I was in heaven! Thanks Linda, you are the hostess of the mostes! You are so warm, so hospitable and so very generous - Thanks again I have a lovely time - Hugs Nat

From Kate over at Empty Field

Hi Linda
Just wanted to say a huge "Thank you" for your hospitality over the weekend - as a not-very-often solo traveller and generally shy person, you made me feel very welcome at your wonderful quilt show. And although you must have been extremely busy and tired you took timeout to show virtual strangers (well, me at least, not so sure about the other ladies) your gorgeous private quilt collection.

I had a great time! It was great to catch up with Robyn again too. What a nut-bag she is!!

I'll be sure to encourage my Tuesday quilting friends to make time to attend next year, and my husband wants to visit the Dandenongs especially after I raved about my drive.

Congratulations once again,
PS - here's hoping I'll get a call when I win one of the raffle prizes.

This one is from Meghan, one of the Sisters.

Hi Linda,
I know we said it yesterday but it needs to be said again - THANK YOU! Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm, for your support and encouragement to the Sisters and for your commitment to putting on a truly wonderful quilt hanging in a very unique space. But most of all, thank you for the efforts in fund-raising for Breast Cancer Research. I am sure there is not one woman who visited over the weekend who has not been touched by breast cancer and knowing that the proceeds of the weekend go towards finding a cure for this disease (in some small way) is the best part.

You also have the most wonderful group of family and friends (helpers) who gave of their time so freely. I know I did not get round to all so please thank them as well.

And as a postscript, I have attached the recipe for the Ginger Fudge Cookies. Enjoy making (and eating) them.


This one from Robyn,


I hope you are having a well earned rest !

Thank-you for the 2010-QIB, the work you, your family & friends do every year to not only raise funds for breast cancer..... you also bring joy & inspiration to fellow addicted quilters. Di & the SS sisters are highly skilled quilters & their appliqué skills are amazing ( I sort of agree with your views on your blog.... giving up quilting....I wonder with 100's of hours of practice will any of my quilts ever look that good or even 1/2 as good??)

Some ladies I met last year have become friends, we actually went on a 'day trip' together last year after 2009 QIB, we went up to Threadbare for the release of Di's new quilt. We met again at your place on Saturday. I did mention to your husband we have all agreed even if we don't catch up during the year we'll have our annual get together at the 2011 QIB

Robyn Johnson

From Sue-Anne over at Buddy and Me

Hi Linda,
The girls and I had a wonderful time visiting you on Friday. You have done a
magnificent job in setting up the displays and your home is the perfect venue.

I think you and your helpers deserve a medal and a big pat on the back for all
the work you have done. I hope the rain didn't deter too many visitors.
I am wanting to do a blog post about the day we spent in Melbourne but will hang
off until I hear back from you with regards to the photos of the quilts. I
understand that you have been flat out this weekend so I don't want to put any
pressure on you, just when you get around to it.

We had a great day in Melbourne. After leaving your place, we visited my best
friend in Rowville at her shop, then moved on to Somerset, Amitie, Patchwork on
Central Park, and then as if we hadn't done enough, visited Ikea in Richmond.
Luckily the rain had eased off by the time we were leaving and we had a fairly
dry drive home, arriving in Wodonga at 11.30pm! A very BIG day, but definately
worth it!!!!

Sue-Anne xxx

And this one from Jill
Hi Linda - oh thank you, you dear person for showing the quilts from your wonderful Quilt Exhibition of the 'Sisters' I was thinking of driving myself over to see the Dear Girlies at Threadbear and go to the Exhibition but I 'chickened out' on the driving over, but thanks to your kindness I can now share a little of what must have been just a most wonderful time and as you say rain will never never ever stop us quilters.

Keep up your wonderful blog it is so wonderful of you to share the joy of quilting with us all.

Kind Regards, Jill - Mannum South Australia


  1. Thanks Linda, another wonderful exhibition. Will post my photos soon. Very proud of Sue-Anne to brave that awful weather to travel such a long way.

  2. What a lovely post. Reading about the weekend felt so good from beginning to end. Thank you for all you have done, thanks to the magnificent quilters and all your helpers.
    Now off to Houston, a well deserved reward.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you Linda for a great show and a fantastic day. We braved the weather and got to the door as your helper swept the last pile of snow from the entrance. The quilts were beautiful and the Sisters are gorgeous. It was great to get to meet them all. I will post up my photos I took tonight and will link it back to you. Wonderful fundraising result Linda. Congrats. to Katrina for winning the raffle quilt. Hugs - Nat

  4. Congratulations Linda,the Secret Sisters and all the helpers on raising such a huge amount of money! That's fantastic!!!!

    Ha ha Elyte, just goes to show how far a quilter will travel to see all those beautiful quilts under the one roof!

  5. What a fantastically successful fundraiser!! I will definitely post about it. Still wish I could have been there. The SSS are an amazing group of quilt artists! Congratulations to Katrina (p.s. I wouldn't let your address out!) There are a few of us who still covet that quilt!

  6. I just found your blog and I'm simply blown away by the beautiful quilts in your exhibit. Congratulations on raising so much money for breast cancer research! I'd love to link back to your pictures of these wonderful quilts!

  7. I knew it would be a roaring success, congratulations on what looks to be a fabulous event. I wish I could have been there and sorry I couldn't make it to see all those bloggers and gorgeous to die for quilts. I'm looking forward to the inspiration from the photos. You made a fatntastic sum of money for breast cancer research, congratultions on that as well.

  8. Che bello!
    Belle tutte le trapunte esposte,
    Belle tutte voi, un bel gruppo di persone che lavorano insieme per una così nobile causa,
    Brave, brave!!!
    Grazie anche dall'Italia per questo vostro gran lavoro!
    Ciao Domenica

  9. It all looks and sounds simply wonderful!! Well done and congratulations to everyone who contributed to raise such a great amount of money for a very worthy cause!

  10. Sounds and looks like it was a truly very successful day. Well done to the secret sewing sister hood for their magnificent quilts and all your hard work.
    Thank so much for sharing.
    Sue in the UK

  11. linda, congratulations again, it was a wonderful show that i am still enjoying in my mind! everyone was so welcoming, even the dogs, and i will certainly post about the outcome on my blog and will support any further effort to keep the total amount raised, rising!!!
    i am also pleased that i have the 'linda's' sorted in my mind, it makes your blog just that much more personal for me, many thanks.

  12. Thank you Linda and all who gave their time for such a worthy cause. Congratulations to Di and all her friends for allowing us to look not just once but over & over again. Me and my friends couldn't get enough of the quilts. So inspiring.
    Now to get onto all the beautiful patterns and fabrics waiting to be made.

  13. Congratulations on a fabulous quilt show Linda. We had a lovely time regardless of the rain - the collection of quilts was truly amazing, almost overwhelming in fact. What a terrific fundraising effort!

  14. Awesome quilt show...so wish I could have been there! I am enjoying the beautiful pictures you are sharing with us...thank you so much!

  15. I'm sure it was better than your blog post can describe!! It looks like an outstanding quilt show that promoted a real connection of quilters!

  16. I am also enjoying the wonderful quilts and terrific event from afar. Great job!

  17. wonderfull quilts you show

  18. You ROCK! $10K + for breast cancer research/funding, thank you soooo much. We had the draw on Friday night for a quilt I donated to a 3 day/60 mile team. Save Second Base. The quilt raised $1200 for the SusanGKoman fund here in the US. Thanks so much, I'm 1+ years cancer free !

  19. That a wonderful show, loved the pictures


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