Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quilts In The Barn Exhibition #3

Hershey, AKA Winter Stars.
Made by Sue Delves. machine pieced.
Machine quilted by Helen Hayes.
Class at Primarily Patchwork.
80"x 80"

The Blue Collection.
Made by Deb King.
Hand appliqued, Machine pieced.
Designed by Maggie Walker Designs.
Machine quilted by Helen Hayes.

Made by Sue Delves.
Designed by Sue Ambrose.
Quilted by Katrina Wilson.
67"x 67"

1850's 9 Patch.
Made by Julie Cashin.
Class at Primarily Patchwork.
Machine Quilted by Lyn Hughes.
104"x 92"

The Nurses Quilt.
Made by Clare Cross.
Designed by Di Ford.
Machine quilted by Cheryl Prater.
51"x 80"

Pennsylvannia Applque, also known as The Poppies Quilt.
Made by Merri Garton.
Designed by Di Ford and Janine Franzke.
Quilted by Lyn Hughes.

Sarah Morrell.
Made by Ann Ransom.
Designed by Di Ford.
Quilted by Sommerset Quilting.

Tompkins - Gwathmey Jones Quilt. ( also known as the Burnt Quilt )
Made by Merri Garton.
Designed by Di Ford.
Machine Quilted by Katrina Wilson.
86"x 100"

Deb's Not Quite Telling The Truth.
Made by Merri Garton.
Designed by Deb King.
Quilted By Katrina Wilson.
88"x 100"

New York Beauty.
Made by Merri Garton.
Designed by Michelle Yeo.
Quilted by Lyn Hughes.
79"x 79"

If you are enjoying the exhibition, make a donation to any Breast Cancer Research Foundation in your local city, anywhere in the world. Then let us know via a comment, and we will add it to our grand total. Please take the button, so you can spread the word, link back to us and help in our fundraising effort. And feel free to blog about this, let me know, and l will make a list of all who helped share the word. Our thanks to you all in advance.



  1. OOOhh!! I love to see those quilts! Thanks for sharing. I'm a big fan of Di Ford.

    greetings from Debby,
    the Netherlands,

  2. oh what for warm colours for these cold Oktober in North Germany
    and what for wondefull Quilts, i like these old quilts

  3. Fabulous!!!! I'm awe stuck!!! Thank you!!

  4. Can every one of these be my favorites?!

  5. Another wonderful bunch of quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I cannot choose a favorites either Lori. Beautiful, beautiful quilts. Thanks Linda for showing them off again - Hugs Nat

  7. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying each one of these quilts. I've posted about this on my blog and made my donation to an organization here in the states. Thank you so much for what you are doing!

  8. Hi Linda, Such beautiful quilts!! I've made a donation.

  9. Hi the quilts are beatiful . The quilt were it says Deb's not quite telling the truth. Made by Merri Garton. Did Deb make a pattern for sale? what a quilt made me have chills. You girls had a wonderful quilt show makes me jealous because I live way in Missouri. They call it a one cow town (kansas City) . Not much happens here. Your friend in the U.S.A


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