Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ballarat Quilting Weekend Show and Tell

Here is some of the show and tell we saw on sunday afternoon. These ladies took a class with Gloria Loughman. Her work is quite contemporary.

These ladies took a class with Margaret McDonald. Mostly her work is traditional, with some modern pieces.  Margaret sells many patterns of her work through Threadbear Quilt Shop.

These ladies were working on stashbusting with Annette Blake from Fragrant Cottage. Annette also taught a hexagon workshop on the sunday.

These ladies took a 2 day workshop with Leesa Chandler of Chandler's Cottage. Leesa has just released a range of fabrics featuring Australian native flowers.

These ladies spent their time in the quilt and chat room. No teachers, just do your own thing. A great variety of work took place over the weekend.

And of course you have already seen the work we all did with Di Ford. Di also has many quilt patterns available through Threadbear Quilt Shop.

l am off on another exciting adventure on saturday. Can you remember this?  Its been 3 months since Bev and l went there, and the next meeting is on Saturday. This time we are just going to be in the audience and enjoy someone else's fabulous show and tell. Must remember to take the camera!!!

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  1. What a great body of work and so much variety in style! Cannot wait for show and tell next week! Visiting Threadbear Quilt shop after I post this.

  2. You have the best Show and Tells!! Thanks for taking the time to take photos and share with us. Looking forward next weeks post!

  3. I always love seeing your show and tell, thanks for sharing what a fun weekend you all had.
    I can't wait to hear about your and Bev's weekend, PLEASE don't forget to bring the camera!!!
    thanks so much for sharing with us


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