Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blocks in the Mail

l have been sewing. Nothing just for me, but some blocks that will be swapped with others from an online group l belong to. l have them bagged ready to post. In return l will get 30 basket blocks made by about 20 women, all taking part in the swap. Its very exciting getting the parcel back in the mail, not knowing what l will find when l open it.

l have also been prepping these 1/2 square triangles, for a border on a quilt that NEEDS to be at the quilter on Monday. Its heading off to Sydney, asap, as a magazine project, so can't show you any more than this at the moment.

l make my 1/2 square triangles slightly over sized, then trim them for a true measurement. It just makes sewing them together better, in my opinion.

l also name all my rulers and scissors, as you can see in the photo. Makes packing up at a class so much easier.

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  1. High five Linda!! your baskets are fantastic. i hope I get one of each cause I am in the same very excited soon we will see what is in our little packages...
    can`t wait to see the quilt that will be posted in the mag that would be exciting. You will be busy this weekend putting them all together. Colors look awesome

  2. I spy Hope Valley! I love all those basket blocks!

  3. Beautiful baskets. I am glad to hear someone else oversizes half square triangles like I do. Cannot wait to see the finished project.

  4. I'm getting ready for my first block swap - 3.5" nine patches. Looking forward to the freedom of sewing for sewing's sake and not worrying about the end result with overall colour placement. That will come later! Your blocks look great.


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