Thursday, August 26, 2010

Show and tell from last saturday.

Here is the promised show and tell from The Applique Society meeting last Saturday.
And while l usually try and get the ladies names, some slipped past me. So l will give credit where l know, and if l miss someones and you know who's it is, please let me know and l will give credit. Thanks.

First up is Bev, with her centre of  what will be a 4 block quilt. The centre was designed by a friend of ours, Gina, and given to Bev on her 60th birthday. A work in progress.

This little beauty has been made by Bev. Once its framed, it  will be 2nd prize at our exhibition in October.

This quilt was made by Rose. It is a Chris Serong pattern.

This quilt was made by Deidre. The pattern is Calico garden with some border adjustments.

The same lady made this little mini hexi quilt. It was so darn cute!!
The pink 3/4"hexagons and hand are to give you perspective.

Again, an unnamed lady and also unnamed quilt.

This beauty is made by Simone. Its called Steve's garden, designed by Susan Smith, from Patchwork on Stoneleigh.

Both Simone and her mother Joy made this same quilt. l think this one is Joy's. My guess is its another Patchwork on Stoneleigh pattern, though not positive. P.S. Its been confirmed that this is a Karen Cunningham design, that was taught at Patchwork on Stoneleigh during summer school. Thanks Adele.

Another Unnamed quilter with unnamed quilt.

This stunning Sarah Morrell was made by Wendy. Pattern is designed by Di Ford. Available through Threadbear quilt shop.

This is another of Wendy's quilts. Not sure of the designer.
Wendy has only been quilting for a few years, but boy has she achieved a lot. She works full time, travelling on a train for an hour each day, each way, stitching as she goes. She says she doesn't mind going to work, its the 8 hour wait to go home she doesn't like!!!!

This is someones beautiful applique centre from her Ann Daggs Quilt.

A beautiful sampler made by???

This lovely travel sewing bag was made by another unnamed lady. It opens right out, with scissors and such stuff handy for working while traveling in the car.

Well, that's all folks!!
This is an amazing bunch of women. And so inspiring to spend time with them. The next meeting is in November. Must put the date in my diary. Don't want to miss it.

My DH is away for the weekend, and the old saying, while the cats away the mice will play came to mind. So l gathered up some quilting Friends and we are heading off to Sorrento for a retreat weekend. ( which just happens to start on a Thursday, Yay!!!)  My bags are packed and l am ready to go. Have the camera ready  for some action shots. Its freezing here today in Melbourne,so the heater will have a workout on the way.

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  1. Linda, all the ladies have done such beautiful work. I especially love the Di Ford sampler and Simone and Joy's quilts. I appreciate the amount of work and of themselves they have put into each one of the quilts. Have fun at your retreat. Wish I could go and escape the 105 F. temps here.

  2. Those are some beautiful quilts!

  3. absolutely gorgeous! these women inspire me to strive and continue in the pursuit of beautiful applique - can't wait to see the secret sister's work in october at your exhibition!

    thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for showing us the photos of some gorgeous quilts. Curious to know whether they are mainly machine or hand quilted.

  5. How humbling. These patterns make my latest look like kiddy play. wow! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  6. Always inspiring to see your blog, Linda. The ladies from your applique group are talented, indeed. What stunningly exquisite quilts.

  7. Hello

    The quilt that Simone and her mum Joy are holding up and you weren't sure if it was a Patchwork on Stonleigh quilt it is in fact a Karen Cunningham quilt design and is made as part of Patchwork on Stonleigh's Summmer School.

    Adele xx

  8. Wow - all so gorgeous!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  9. The calico garden quilt was made by Deidre in my class ( of course everyone had a original pattern) and the border is my design. She did a great job.
    Thanks for sharing all the lovely work


  10. What a bunch of talented quilters! I loved seeing all the projects but my heart still belongs to the Morrell. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  11. Great Show & Tell Linda! I adore Bev's personally designed block, it's stunning.

  12. What a lot of lovely quiltiness! I was ooohing and aahing as I scrolled down. Sorrento will be fun for you. Enjoy!!

  13. Plenty of inspiration in all that work. Have a great week end.

  14. Amazing quilts and so inspiring!! Thanks for the show and tell.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing your show and tell. Such beautiful quilts!
    Enjoy your retreat. :)

  16. This is one talented group of appliquers. Beautiful quilts. I like the design that Gina is working on. Very prim style and different.

  17. You just have the best show and tell - those are some talented ladies and some beautiful quilts.

  18. Hi, i'm Will from Paris and had lunch With Bev and her daughter last year during their trip to Europe; please forward my greeting and tell her her block is gorgeous as well as the other quilts, love your blog...


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