Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guest Speaker at The Applique Society Meeting

Was Gail Chalker from Gatton in Queensland.  Some of you may know the name. Gail has been the driving force behind  the World's biggest Hexagon Quilt. Gail asked to attend one of our meetings, and was then asked to be the Guest Speaker. Because she had traveled down from QLD, she had only a small selection of quilts. But what beauty's they were
 Each had a story about why she made them and what had inspired her. She also talked about other historical women of note and shared some of her story about the making of the World's biggest hexagon Quilt.  Gail also owns a quilt shop in Gatton called Sew Creative.
This quilt is still a work in progress.

As you can probably tell, most of her work has been inspired by antique quilts.
The circles in this one was amazing, all different reds, some contributed by friends.

Here Gail is showing us her Journal, where she cuts and pastes a piece of every fabric that she uses in her quilts, and also writes about what is happening in her day, her family, her community and the world that day. She said it will make interesting reading in the future. l am inclined to agree.

Here are several other links you might like to check out regarding Gail work with the hexagons.

Barbara Brackman wrote about her.

 Here, here, here and here you will find story's.

l had a lovely chat with Gail during the day, we talked about all sorts of things, including museums we had both visited in America last year, and how we had almost both been visiting Dear Jane in Bennington on the same day.

 We also talked quite a bit about the hexagon quilt,  which has now been cut into around 115 quilts. These quilts are being gifted in various ways around the country.  l  told her about our quilt exhibition, inviting her to visit, which  she said she  would like.  l asked her  if it might be possible to have  to have  piece of the quilt,  to display at our exhibition this year, sharing her story and the journey,  with the women down here. She then to my amazement,  offered one of the quilts for us to raffle. After l picked myself up off the floor, l  very graciously accepted, and so we will have our own piece of the famous Worlds Biggest Hexagon Quilt to raffle for next years Quilts in the Barn.  We hope to have it on display this year. No need to tell you, l am pretty excited!!!!

l have more photos, and will post them later in the week. Its so very sunny outside and the weeds are calling my name. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I especially like the first Baltimore style quilt in your post. But there are some great pieced quilts in the selection also.

  2. I am in love love with the red/green/white quilt ... all those dots. Gorgeous! This quilt is on my to do list but I think I will wait for retirement ...

  3. How wonderful, yes Gail is a wonderful quilter and I am so pleased she has taken on the Queensland Chapter. I was invited to the Queensland meeting and had a wonderful day.


  4. Perhaps the numbers of quilts she brought was few but the body of work represented was enormous! I love them all. Can hardly wait to see the auction quilt.

  5. What beautiful quilts and how lucky you were to have Gail as a speaker and to get the opportunity to be part of it all - I just love the Baltimore!

  6. What amazing quilts!! She sounds like a wonderful guest speaker. That is wonderful news about getting the hexagon quilt as a raffle quilt! Very special!

  7. I thought the red/cream/green quilt was stunning
    as was the Baltimore and the next and the next
    an interesting story teller also. Lesley

  8. Thanks for showing us Gail's quilts. That finished Baltimore Album is a beauty and I love the one with all the red circles. It was great to get a peek at her journal, too. I don't put all my fabrics in mine, but I am inspired to start adding more than I do already.


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